Gov. Reynolds Condition: Detached From Reality

Governor Reynolds delivered a speech tonight that was detached from reality. The Governor refused to use her prime time speech to encourage Iowans to wear masks, practice social distancing, or to offer any plan for how vaccinations will be distributed at more than its current snail’s pace. The Governor offered platitudes and asked for a […]

Opening Remarks of the 2021 Legislative Session

Senate President Jake Chapman (R-Adel) Friends, family, colleagues, returning and newly-elected members, – It is my humble honor and privilege to welcome you to the 89th General Assembly. As we prepare to tackle the issues and challenges of today may we take a quick moment to reflect on our past? This year, we will celebrate […]

The Good, The Bad, The Yet-to-be-Done

At the end of my first full session as State Senator representing Cedar Falls, Hudson, and southwest Waterloo, here’s my report on selected highlights of this year’s session: three good decisions, three bad decisions, and three decisions put off until next year.