Stop the Iowa Republican Attack on Food Assistance

Iowa Senate Republicans are trying another attack on Iowans who receive federal food assistance. Earlier this year, Iowa Senate Republicans passed Senate File 389, to impose new procedural barriers to federal food assistance (SNAP), Medicaid, and the Hawk-I children’s health program, and a new asset test ($2,250 for most households) for SNAP to kick off […]

Extreme proposals on the rise in Iowa

This Iowa legislative session has seen an unusually large number of extreme proposals, whether it’s discriminating against transgender Iowans or expanding the rights of gun owners beyond even the Second Amendment. Though not all have even made it through a subcommittee, Iowans have noted the change. That’s why Rep. Jennifer Konfrst appeared at Moral Mondays […]

Republicans Turn ‘Safety Off’ For Iowa Gun Policy

Two firearms laws passed the Iowa House of Representatives last night that could threaten the safety of Iowans by making it easier for bad actors to purchase guns, and by making it harder to hold gun manufacturers accountable in a court of law.  One of those bills was the Firearms Omnibus (HF 756), which passed […]

From Bad To Worse, What Survived Iowa’s Legislative Funnel

The good, the bad, and the much worse would be an apt description of this year’s legislative session, and many of those bad or worse bills survived last week’s legislative funnel, a deadline requiring proposals to have passed through at least a subcommittee and committee hearing. Earlier today advocates and activists joined Moral Mondays Iowa […]

Iowa Republicans Propose White Washing Diversity Education

Legislation proposed by Republicans in the Iowa House of Representatives would define what diversity training programs are allowed to teach in schools, about racism and sexism, banning discussion of any so-called “divisive” topics. The bill, House Study Bill 258, has no language preventing discussion about ideas or questions that come up during diversity training, but […]