Abortion: A Controversial Topic – Gaines Column

Church vs State I have not chosen to be vocal about the right to abortion since I was first elected in 2011. Why? Primarily because I am a Catholic and the Catholic Church does not support abortion. In fact, when I was in the Catholic schools I attended in elementary school, high school and college, […]

The Need for a Legislative Black Caucus

The Importance and Impact of Iowa’s Legislative Black Caucus As I reported earlier, the Iowa Black Legislative Caucus was formed in 2018.  We saw a need to look at the plight of African Americans in the State and propose legislation that would improve the quality of life of our people.   It has been difficult […]

ONE apology is NOT ENOUGH

Black Journalists in Iowa A call from a local news reporter brought to my attention how challenging it is to be a black journalist in Iowa.  Recently, Lauren Johnson, KCCI news reporter, was asked to leave an Ankeny school board meeting.  The meeting included a discussion of the need for hiring a diversity specialist for […]

Republicans Curtailing Freedom of the Press

Lawmakers Limiting Press Access Across the Country Most citizens don’t know that Republican leaders in Iowa, Utah, Kansas and Florida are limiting journalists’ access to open-to-the-public legislature and gubernatorial sessions. This begs the question “what issues and policies are GOP elected officials trying to hide?” Furthermore, what is there about the First Amendment to the […]

Inside Iowa’s Hospitality Crisis

Today is National Hospitality Worker Appreciation Day, and while the headline may trick you into thinking this article is going to address some of the bills that are making Iowa a less welcoming state, i.e. censoring books, jailing teachers, and banning transgender children from playing sports with their friends, we’re actually going to look at […]