Abortion: A Controversial Topic – Gaines Column

Church vs State

I have not chosen to be vocal about the right to abortion since I was first elected in 2011. Why? Primarily because I am a Catholic and the Catholic Church does not support abortion. In fact, when I was in the Catholic schools I attended in elementary school, high school and college, abortion was considered a mortal sin and if it was not confessed before one died, the mother who aborted her unborn child would automatically go to hell for eternity. Until now I have wanted to respect my Church by not stepping forward with an adverse opinion.
Whereas I profusely love being a Catholic, I do not believe that this mixture of Church and state is appropriate. I have had many friends throughout the years who have decided on abortion as their best option in a very difficult situation.I cannot judge these women nor know exactly what I would do in some of the situations I have witnessed. A woman’s body is not public property for lawmakers to dictate how she should use it. I know that religious beliefs in most cases mandate a protection of the unborn child, but those who legislate  anti abortion laws have no right to tell a woman how she can use her own body, which is private property. The government should not interfere with a woman’s right to choose.

“A woman’s body is not public property…”

Banning abortion takes away a freedom of choice that is individual, private and personal. Many people I associate with become very self righteous in their discussions of this topic. They feel they know what is best for a woman and her unborn baby in any situation, even rape and incest.I believe that as a legislator, I have no right to mandate what a woman can and cannot do with her own body , especially when she is in crisis. Let’s allow the woman who is contemplating having an abortion, her the space and her  freedom to talk to her family, her doctor her counselor and her pastor and then have the ability to make up her own mind about the ultimate decision. Lawmakers should stay out of it.!
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