Abortion: A Controversial Topic – Gaines Column

Church vs State I have not chosen to be vocal about the right to abortion since I was first elected in 2011. Why? Primarily because I am a Catholic and the Catholic Church does not support abortion. In fact, when I was in the Catholic schools I attended in elementary school, high school and college, […]

Don’t Say Gay Bill – Gaines Column

It Takes All Sorts As I have walked my road in life, I have encountered many different types of people. They have come from a variety of cultures, communities, ages, and professions. This has helped me become more understanding and appreciating of the diverse world in which we live. That why, with my background and […]

Transgender Day of Visibility Clouded

Day of celebration clouded with uncertainty “Being able to go to school, laugh with my friends, learn and participate in sports with them has made me feel somewhat normal,” said Gavy Smith Today is the International Transgender Visibility Day, and members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies are celebrating the contributions to society that trans […]