Koch Brothers’ Group Event Supporting Hinson Turns Away Iowans

Iowans deserve the opportunity to voice their concerns, and should not be turned away at any event Hinson’s involved in. Unfortunately, this was not the case as an Americans for Prosperity event staffer forced Hinson’s constituents to leave their event on Oct. 2.

Hinson should stand up for her constituents and commit to allowing all Iowans to her associated events in the future. As she was supposed to attend, and her staff in fact did, Iowans deserve an explanation. It’s time Hinson made Iowans her priority.

In the video of Iowans being turned away, the staffer states that despite the Iowans having registered for the event, their philosophical alignment is cause for removal. We believe that all Iowans should be accepted at political events associated with our representatives, despite political beliefs. 

Iowan Tamera Gertsen, one of the constituents turned away last Saturday, wrote on her experience in the Cedar Rapids Gazette. 

“As informed citizens, shouldn’t we be monitoring what out-of-state dark money groups are saying?” Gertsen said. “Is Hinson listening to them instead of Iowans in the 1st District?”

We agree with Mrs. Gertsen. Iowans deserve to have their voices heard, especially at events hosted by out-of-state groups spending large amounts of money on our elections. 

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