Kim Reynolds: Corporate Sell-Out

Iowans believe in helping one another out so we can all achieve the American dream. Our state should be a place where people can find opportunities for their families to thrive and enjoy the highest quality of life.

Unfortunately, most Iowans have been let down by Governor Reynolds, and our attempt to achieve the American dream has been turned into a nightmare by her failed policies. Governor Reynolds has sold us out in order to give one corporate handout after another to her political backers. In 2021 alone, Governor Reynolds’ gave away more than $431 million in corporate handouts. Instead of investing in critical services like public schools, clean drinking water, or child care, the Governor continues to recklessly give more money away.

In addition, rural communities are suffering as a result of Reynolds’ policies. Medical centers are shutting their doors, and the Governor outsourced healthcare to private companies who get to decide whether we live or die based on profit. And she has prevented Iowans from accessing critical health care like family planning services and abortion. We need our rural communities to be strong, and our health care to be affordable and accessible.

Together, we have to stand up to Governor Reynolds and the Republican-led legislature, because we know Iowa can do better. By holding them accountable, we can invest in one another so that we can achieve the American dream and all have a brighter future. 

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