T’was just days before the new year when all through D.C.

Politicians were scrambling, getting ready to flee.

While Americans are waiting, wanting someone to care

And hoping that our leaders will do something that’s fair.

It’s hard not to worry, tossing and turning in bed

With visions of COVID filling many with dread.

Men, women and children all through the land

Are waiting for lawmakers to come up with a plan.

The Covid provisions are lifesaving matters

For folks whose existence right now is in tatters.

Without an extension and much needed cash

Many families will see their livelihoods crash.

Unemployment, paid leave and health care we know

Will save the economy by providing cash flow.

We’re worried and weary of living in fear

Just waiting and wondering when help will appear.

The posturing and fighting should make them feel shame

We need a solution, not someone to blame.

Stimulus, Student Loan relief and Worker Protections,

Paid Leave, Lower Drug Prices and Eviction Moratoriums,

Help for Small Business and a stop to Corporate Greed,

Are but just a few of the policies we need.

So don’t take that recess, get right down to business

And find a solution to help through this crisis.

We’re counting on you to do the right thing

So there is relief when the New Year’s bells ring!

And then we’ll exclaim, as is our right:

2021 we’re prepared for this fight!

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