We get it. The news can be a bit much these days. Thankfully, Matt and Lauren from Progress Iowa break down the big headlines of the week so you don't have to.


Yes, Iowans DO Want Healthcare!

Editors note: This episode was recorded on Friday, September 18th, before the death of Justice Ginsburg. This week Matt and Ivy talk to Ben Jealous with People for the American Way about Iowa’s Senate race and the importance of our nation’s courts in that race.

We agree, Mr. President. This is deadly stuff.

Trump spilled the beans to Bob Woodward (and who knows who else!) while keeping the public in the dark about the deadliest crisis in modern history, Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer squared off against State Rep Ashley Hinson and put her on the defensive on her terrible labor record, and Senator Joni Ernst peddles conspiracy theories about […]

Back to school whether we like it or not.

Correction: The amount of funding passed by the U.S. House for USPS that is currently being held up by the Senate is $25 billion, not $65 billion. Matt and Ivy are joined this week by Danielle Root from the Center for American Progress to talk about the Trump administration’s attacks on the post office juuuuuuust […]

Stacey Walker on Conditions in Cedar Rapids

Welcome to new cohost Ivy Beckenholdt! Matt and Ivy break down the week’s headlines, give their hot takes on a couple stories and give shoutouts to the Iowans who deserve them. Then, they speak with Linn County Supervisor Stacey Walker about conditions on the ground in Cedar Rapids 10 days after the historic derecho storm. […]

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Lyz Lenz is back! Ashley Hinson endorses Abby Finkenauer’s positions but forgets to tell everyone, and Governor Reynolds straight up lies about the number of sick people in our state on behalf of big business. Cool. Links: Follow Lyz on Twitter you cowards! Des Moines Register – GOP congressional candidate Ashley Hinson apologizes for plagiarism, […]

Live from the Red Zone

A new report from the White House Coronavirus Task Force puts 18 states, including Iowa, in the "red zone" for the number of new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people.

Hear No Outbreak, See No Outbreak

We’re joined this week by Bleeding Heartland’s Laura Belin to talk about the breaking story that the director of Iowa’s Department of Public Health “rebuffed an offer of federal assistance to deal with COVID-19 outbreaks in meatpacking plants” and the coming fight between Iowa’s Secretary of State and county auditors over the new vote by […]

Go Home, Mike Pence

Iowa has surpassed entire countries’ coronavirus case counts but that doesn’t stop the pom-pom squad of Vice President Pence, Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley, David Young, and more from flying in, modeling all sorts of bad behavior, and declaring mission accomplished. Links: Sign up for Progress Iowa’s Coronavirus Daily newsletter

We’re the “Bad Neighbor” Now

Matt and Lauren talk about another week of no shelter-in-place order for Iowa despite increased cases of COVID-19 and Governor Reynolds’s refusal to join a group of neighboring states to plan a return to normal life. But we got a PSA from Ashton Kutcher, so we got that going for us. Subscribe to Progress Iowa’s […]

Sorry Grandma, Goldman Needs a Good Q2

We didn’t think we’d have to say this but here we are: people are worth saving. Yes, all of them. Every time we argued that a program would "grow the economy," we helped the opposition cement the view that this is the singular objective of policymaking. — Anat Shenker-Osorio (@anatosaurus) March 26, 2020 Links: Vox: […]

Be Brave, Stay Home

That escalated quickly. Matt and Lauren discuss our Senator’s “no” votes on paid sick leave, one Senator’s need for a history lesson, compare Iowa’s response to the coronavirus to that of other states’, and talk about Progress Iowa’s #BeBraveStayHome campaign. Links: Sen. Ron Johnson’s amendment to remove paid sick leave from the Families First Coronavirus […]

Wash Your Hands 2: Antiseptic Boogaloo

Lauren and Greg discuss our government’s (lack of) response to the coronavirus outbreak and the civil rights violations carried out by state police against LGBTQ+ students at the Capitol. Links: WashYourLyrics.com The Advocate: LGBTQ Students Kicked Out of Iowa Capitol Over Restroom Use

Talk Judicial To Me

The legislature gets flushed down the funnel, Joni Ernst sells us out for the NRA (again), and we're joined by Jamie Burch Elliot who gets judicial with us.

Many Unsatisfying Ends

An acquittal by jurors who know he's guilty, a speech full of lies, a primary narrative that shattered like a wine bottle on a high school gym floor and an actual bottle of wine shattering on a high school gym floor. What a week.

The Joke’s On Us, I Guess

75% of voters want to hear new witnesses and John Bolton's out there doing his best Lloyd Dobler impression outside the capitol building but Senators Ernst and Grassley couldn't care less.

And Our Rights We Might Maintain

The anti-choice amendment advanced to the full State Government Committee and passed on a 10-5 party line vote. We talk about that, our press conference on a new bill protecting Iowans with pre-existing conditions and play clips from the 2020 Presidential Candidate Forum on Democracy held here in Des Moines this past weekend. Links: Hear […]

The Condition of Our State Is…Meh

Matt and Lauren dive into Governor Reynolds’s Condition of the State address and on Thursday, Lauren attended a hastily called subcommittee meeting at the Iowa legislature trying to slip an amendment to Iowa’s constitution under the public’s nose.

Thank a Union

If you're looking forward to the three day weekend and you appreciate paid sick leave, vacation days, minimum wage, overtime pay or simple things like child labor laws... thank a union!

A conversation with Ed Espinoza

Matt and Lauren discuss State Rep. Steve Holt’s gun range fundraiser held just days after the shootings in El Paso and Dayton, and talk with Progress Texas’s Executive Director Ed Espinoza on what life has been like over the past week in Texas.