What a Week

Many Unsatisfying Ends


An acquittal by jurors who know he’s guilty, a speech full of lies, a primary narrative that shattered like a wine bottle on a high school gym floor and an actual bottle of wine shattering on a high school gym floor. What a week.

Matt, Lauren, and Greg share caucus stories from three different perspectives, opine on Trump’s third State of the Union and the “rip heard ’round the world” from Speaker Pelosi, and the latest on the anti-abortion constitutional amendment worming its way through the Iowa legislature.


  • Iowa Caucus results
  • We all thought about it, she went there. Iowa caucuses: Attendee drops, breaks ‘concealed bottle of wine’ [NY Post]
  • Rep. Shipley wants everyone to read his favorite book before they graduate. [Des Moines Register]


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