Photo of the US Supreme Court building in Washington, DC

On 10/08/19 Aimee Stephens, a trans woman will be bringing her case to the Supreme Court. We in the transgender community applaud her courage and appreciate the fight she is bringing for us. A fight to challenge being fired for being transgender. 

This is the right to exist. The right to work. The right to not be discriminated against for simply being who we are. 

This is not new to our country. We have a history of restricting, denying and segregating other human beings that we do not accept or find undesirable.  (E.g. Slavery, Jim Crow Laws, etc.)

So the only thing that can be asked is in 400 years – how have we not learned or evolved?  Why is the same issue being present?

Why must I fear for my future and my child’s future? Simply because we can cure diseases and not die at 45 from the flu doesn’t change the fact that we have an updated version of feudalism as our operant. 

No you aren’t chained to the land literally, but aren’t you figuratively?  And there is still some sort of feudal lord ruling the castle in the distance!  We call them President, Senator, Representative, Governor or even landlord. The right to exist continues to be a fight that humanity cannot seem to escape. 

As long as the classist system of government exists to lord over the masses the suffering of marginalized communities will continue to perpetuate and sustain itself. 

This is why it is critical that we take care of one another. Build communities that nurture and accept us. We build from the inside out – protecting and sustaining those that are the most at risk.

We build awareness and fight the oppression of a system that doesn’t understand us – because as I’ve written before – we – members of the transgender community are just like you. We have bills to pay, rent or mortgage. We pay taxes. We go to work and have jobs. We have families. 

I have a child who loves and accepts me for who I am. I don’t want her to be taught the hate that myself and other members of my community endure simply because we aren’t white cisgender persons.

We are valid and worthy of existence – and worthy of flourishing and creating a beautiful world for all persons of color, orientation and identity.  Long live the fighters.

Good luck Aimee!  I’m cheering you on from Iowa. 

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