A call for unity against terror

Over this weekend a transphobic and neo-nazi based flyer (the stormers club) was found by the Department of Human Services in an undisclosed location in the South side of Des Moines. 

So many have pointed how triggering it is so a picture of it will not accompany this article out of that request and respect.

Simply know that it has shaken me to my core that the place I live now has that reality placed squarely in front of me. So many of us I think exist in displacement where if it’s not happening to them personally that they get to live in this glass jar. 

Well let me grab my hammer and shatter that. 

Persons of color have existed in this terror FOREVER.  I have lived in my sheltered white privileged world on both the east coast and now the Midwest. 

Know. That I am terrified. 

Know. That I DO feel my life threatened because neo nazis feel emboldened by a president and republicans in our state government that demonstrate consistently their indifference or attack towards the transgender community. 

Know. That I am now living in a world that is getting closer and closer to a nightmare. 

But. I see the precursors. Even though I am scared if I LET THESE BIGOTS WIN – that is a darker nightmare.  One I will not let my child inherit. 

The Transgender Alliance of Iowa is starting a program for escorts and walk-withs for our transgender community in central Iowa. 

Please reach out if you would like to participate anytime through email (tai@taiowa.org), Facebook or Facebook messenger and one of our officers or screened volunteers will respond as quickly as we are able to assist you. 

It is not the time to be afraid of monsters. It is time to protect and stand up for who we are and take care of one another. Together we are not isolated or forsaken. 

This. Is why I fight.

Long live the fighters!

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