Unions are a reflection of middle-class and working-class America.

We recently celebrated Labor Day as a national holiday for the 126th year. I have worked at several jobs and the best ones were union jobs. Unions protect workers and this creates a safe work environment for everyone, not just those who are union members.

Unions join workers together, allowing the voices of individual workers to be heard. Unions are a reflection of middle-class and working-class America. When we have unions, we have a strong labor force and a strong middle class. Unions have an outsized positive impact on certain groups, including women and people of color. Even workers who choose not to unionize can benefit from proximity to union members because of competition.

The unions in Linn County have stepped up in a number of ways to help those in the community. Royceann Porter had the idea to give out food for people in need after the storm. Jesse Case from local 238 had the building and the volunteers. I volunteered and saw what a help this was to Cedar Rapids. They aren’t just looking out for their own workers, but they want to make their communities a better place to live and help those in need around them.

Sadly, the GOP at the state and federal levels are working to take away the abilities unions have in favor of corporations and CEOs. This has long-term negative impacts on ALL workers because it makes many of the jobs less safe and workers have fewer protections.

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