Reynolds’ Irresponsible Mask Ban Blocked

Today’s ruling to allow local school districts to make their own decisions on mask enforcement will save lives. As Governor Reynolds limited the power of local districts, children have recently accounted for over a fourth of Iowa’s COVID-19 cases. Without this bold federal action, hundreds of thousands of Iowa’s students would continue having to pay the price for political games from the Governor and her Republican colleagues.

This legislation, signed in the dead of night, has been opposed by thousands of Iowa parents, educators, and students from the start. We are glad to see that these Iowans can now sigh a breath of relief. No parent should have to fear sending their child into the classroom or decide between a paycheck and their child’s safety. However, Reynolds’ forced many with vulnerable children to do this.

Unfortunately, Reynolds has already announced that she will appeal this decision. It’s time for Gov. Reynolds to step back and let local school districts make the best decisions for their students, as she was not capable of doing the job herself.

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