We are working on an epidemic folx. The American Medical Association has been quoted that the murder of trans persons is an epidemic.

Every year on November 20, transgender communities gather to remember those who have been assaulted, hurt or killed for simply being what they are – transgender.

This year we have seen that (in majority) the state of Texas’ citizens have made it their mission to murder black trans women. While there are scattered other states (such as the Carolinas, North Carolina being the home of two attempts at instituting a bathroom bill restricting transgender access to their restroom of choice) – Texas, Houston, TX specifically pops up on the radar for the 21+ confirmed murders of trans persons this year. I say confirmed because often police or communities will not investigate murders and avoid deeming them hate crimes unless absolutely pressed.

In this day, our “modern civilization” in respect to the murder of persons of our community is once again not engaging in something new. Only short decades after the last end of Jim Crow- society has deemed fit to find a reason to murder black persons again. Not that it hasn’t stopped really. It’s just an additional quantified – oh, because they’re trans and trans people aren’t socially accepted on the whole it is something we can at the very least turn our heads away from. I mean turn off the phone, turn off the computer, turn off the tv. Stick your head in the sand. I’ll cry my tears without you.

This month of transgender awareness – we speak out as members of humanity. We mourn the loss of our kin and hope that the timetable will not mimic a 20-30 year timeline of more suffering and pain. We need our civilization to truly evolve. Because as a whole while we aren’t dying from the plague or the common cold anymore – dying because of who we are is a horrid cause of death too.

The Transgender Alliance of Iowa is organizing with other members and trans activist organizations for an event on 11/20.


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