Creekside Church, Cityview Publications and the LGBTQIA+ Community

Picture of an advertisement for the Creekside Church

When I wrote about the transphobic publication by the neo-nazi organization found by DHS on the south side of Des Moines, I had spoken to the fact that extremism was finding its roots closer and closer to my home.

Through a mutual friend on social media, it has now come to my attention in the November 2019 on page 14 of Cityview’s Publication of Urbandale Living Magazine that there is a church, merely ten minutes from my home taking a stance of non-affirmation against my community.

This ad, calls for religious accountability for “recovering God’s design for gender, sexuality and marriage.” Then lists the church’s address and name. Upon further investigation – because I was curious the following is posted on Creekside Church’s website under their beliefs stating:

“Our doors are open to anyone, including those who are attracted to the same sex, and all are welcome to attend our services and events. In terms of what we affirm, Creekside acknowledges God’s design and purposes for relationships and marriage as described in the Bible. In Genesis we read that God created human beings as male and female, and the complementary, relational nature of the human race as “male and female” reflects the created order given by God when He created human beings “in His image”. While the significance of marriage goes beyond the regulation of sexual behavior (the bearing and raising of children and the union between Christ and the church) we acknowledge that Scripture grants two options for sexual behavior: monogamous marital relations between a man and woman, or celibacy—both are gifts of God.
If you’re attracted to the same sex, don’t check out yet. We want to be clear where we stand, but also clear that we want to listen to your struggles and walk alongside you on this issue.

We distinguish between same-sex attraction, sinful lust, self-selected identification, and sexual behavior. Temptation, including sexual attractions, is not sin. Sin is yielding to temptation in heart or deed. Not all agree on the source of homosexual attraction, whether it arises out of social, genetic, or a combination of factors. In any case, we believe such attractions (along with every sinful desire) are a result of life in a universe broken by the effects of disobedience to God. We’re all born into sin and in need of the forgiveness and redemption that comes from the gospel.

We give special attention to this issue here only because a clear and Biblical response is necessary in a culture that has challenged the historical understanding of marriage and sexuality. But more broadly, we affirm that ALL sexual activity outside of marriage is sinful. Homosexual behavior is specifically condemned as sin in the Bible, but so are a host of other activities.

Creekside will not compromise the biblical standard for sexuality, but at the same time know we must treat everyone, including those who struggle with same-sex attraction, with gentleness, compassion, and love, while pointing them to the only hope any of us have, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are “welcoming” but not “affirming”, seeking ways to minister to and support those among us who struggle with same-sex attractions, and help those who have gay friends or family members. While we empathize, we encourage behavior that follows the clear divine teachings of Scripture. In view of this, we affirm celibacy and singleness within the church family for those with same-sex attractions.”

This church tells you that if you are gay – you need to be celibate. This church says “self-selected identification” is a struggle. Quite true, but goes on to identify that such temptation leads to corruption.

Readers, this is what the breeding ground for church’s like Westboro Baptist Church have origins in. This is something tolerated and distributed like water to homes in the Urbandale community. These are the precursor steps towards encouraging more of conversion therapy (which is not banned in the state of Iowa). These are the precursor steps to more killings, assaults and attacks. Why, just last week an arrest was made for the burning of the LGBTQIA+ flag outside the Saddle Bar on the East Side of Des Moines, a part of our the city known for its positive and vibrant businesses who support pride and the LGBTQIA+ community. More and more we are seeing that these actions are being dismissed, and now with the viewpoints of church’s like Creekside – championed at their pulpits and congregation.

This is not happening in the south, or in some invalid stereotype about ignorant persons who are not educated or aware. This is happening right on your doorstep, being handed to you in color in Urbandale, Iowa – in the metro. My home.

Hatred, Bigotry and Violence cannot breed without a fire. The kindling comes from CityView’s publication of Urbandale Living Magazine. The fire burns bright at Creekside Church at 2743 82nd Place, Urbandale, IA. I feel the ashes and smoke burn my eyes, just 6.7 miles from my apartment in West Des Moines, IA.

Do not be silent. Do not ignore it. The time for action is now.

Please contact Managing Editor of CityView, –

Jeff Pitts

515-953-4822 ext. 333

Silence is acceptance.
Long live the fighters.

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