A daily rundown of the goings on at the Iowa Legislature. Hosted by Paige Godden.


A glimpse of what’s to come with Rahul Bali

Georgia journalist Rahul Bali from the Oconee Radio Group joins Paige to talk about the election issues in his state this past week and how voting early can prevent it happening here. Unfortunately for Iowans, the Senate just passed a bill making it harder to get a mail-in ballot and harder to cast it once […]

Creating a more welcoming Capitol with Rep. Jennifer Konfrst

Back in March a group of LGBTQ+ students were removed from the Iowa Capitol by state police after complaints some students used the “wrong” bathrooms. They broke neither law nor rules of the Capitol but they were still forced to leave. Rep. Jennifer Konfrst (D-Des Moines) was one of the elected officials who met with […]

Matthew Bruce on BLM in DSM

Paige talks to Matthew Bruce, an organizer with the unofficial Black Lives Matter chapter in Des Moines about this weekend’s actions and the demands of the movement.


Well, it happened. The Iowa Legislature has suspended for at least 30 days, likely until the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis is over. Since nothing (literally) is happening at the Capitol, our mics will go quiet. Once they come back, so will we. Wash your hands and stay safe. Thanks for listening.

Should Student Athletes Be Compensated?

Though the bill didn’t make it through the the legislative funnel, Rep. Ras Smith (D-Waterloo) joined us to talk about his push allow Iowa’s student athletes to receive monetary compensation for their likeness. Links: The Gazette: Pay for play? Iowa lawmakers propose college athletes be paid Rep. Ras Smith’s legislator page Follow Rep. Smith on […]

Changes to Iowa’s Medical Cannabis Program

John Forbes is a pharmacist from Urbandale who supports allowing Iowans to use cannabis products for medicinal purposes. Lucky for those Iowans, he’s also a State Representative. The background: Governor Reynolds vetoed a medical cannabis bill last year that passed with bipartisan support. There was a discrepancy in the amount of THC these products could […]

The Bipartisan Push on Childcare

Paige is joined by Rep. Tracy Ehlert of Cedar Rapids to talk about the bipartisan push for more affordable child care across our state. Links: Rep. Tracy Ehlert’s legislator page

Two Bills That Could Hurt Vulnerable Iowans

Fresh off their Moral Monday speech, Lana Shope from Iowa Community Action Association and Mary Nelle Trefz from the Child and Family Policy Center talk with Paige about two bills working their way through the legislature that could make it harder for Iowans to receive assistance.

How Can Democrats Make Gains in Small Town Iowa?

Paige sits down with reporter Josh Cook, who covered health care and rural issues for Iowa Starting Line to talk about Iowa Democratic Party Chair Mark Smith’s rural health care tour and how Democrats could (and should) approach small town and rural Iowa and make sorely needed gains there. Links: Follow Josh Cook on Twitter

Rep. Mark Smith’s Iowa Health Care Tour

Paige sits down with the new chair of the Iowa Democratic Party, Representative Mark Smith. Rep. Smith is embarking on a multi-city tour to talk about health care and the choice in November’s US Senate election here in Iowa. Links: The Gazette: Iowa Democratic leader on the road to attack Joni Ernst’s on health care […]

Protecting Iowa’s Natural Resources with Rep. Chuck Isenhart

Rep. Chuck Isenhart (D-Dubuque) is the Ranking Member on the Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee. Paige talks to him about what that subcommittee does, what his priorities are this session, and how Iowans can help. But first, a bit about our new host, Paige Godden! Links: Save REAP on Facebook Rep. Chuck Isenhart’s legislator […]

Voting Rights Restoration with Rep. Mary Wolfe

Daily Dome’s new host Paige Godden sits down with Rep. Mary Wolfe to discuss the push to restore voting rights to those convicted of a felony since 2011 when then-Governor Terry Branstad rescinded his predecessors’ executive order that automatically restored those rights. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, “Iowa is the only state to […]

Mobile Home Owners Rights Moves Forward

There's been a number of stories lately from around Iowa about mobile home owners and renters seeing huge hikes in rent for their home or the land on which it is parked. After hearing from stakeholders, the legislature has decided to take action.


What in the blue blazes is “Funnel Week” and why is it going to keep our legislators up all night all week long? We talk to Rep. Liz Bennett of Cedar Rapids about what it is, how a bill survives it, and what issues she’s fighting for (and against) this week. Links: Rep. Liz Bennett’s […]

Coming January 13th: The Daily Dome

The Daily Dome covers the Iowa Legislature. In 15 minutes or less you’ll get a rundown of the most important bills introduced in each chamber, how they could affect you, and the occasional chat with the lawmakers and key players behind those bills. I also want to answer your questions about our state government. Each […]