We all know the stories that surround this season. One is that on Christmas Santa brings good boys and girls presents, and bad boys and girls a bag of coal.

With the anniversary of the TrumpTax we feel like President Trump is giving all of us a big bag of coal and unless Republicans stand up for us, it will just continue hurting every day Iowans.

There is some great news though: because of the Trump Tax the poorest Iowans will receive enough of a benefit to splurge on one hamburger and fries – sorry, no drink included – once a month.

So settle back, grab your burger and fries, and read the tale of TrumpTax.

‘Twas the Trump Tax Anniversary and all through the land
Republicans were lying about the tax scam.
The rich were all laughing about their good luck
While the rest of us know that we all are just (well you know).

The CEO’s were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of tax breaks danced in their heads.
And mama’s and papa’s sat down at the desk
And worried about what would come next.

Family farmers are hurting because they’re not rich
And tariffs and tax cuts are making them sick.
Senior Citizens keep working well past their prime
So they can be sure they’ll have money to stay fine.

Iowa families are seeing their taxes not changed
In spite of the promise that there would be gains.
The average savings for those who are poor
Would buy them a burger and fries and no more.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is just such a sham
It doesn’t help Iowans; we know it’s a scam.
We wish that our Senator would open her eyes
And see that her support is just full of lies.

The bill was pushed through with lots of mistakes
Now that it’s law, it leaves problems in its wake.
The driver of the plan, none other than Trump
Doesn’t care that the Trump Tax should go in the dump.

He loves big corporations and the rich people’s game
He whistles and shouts and calls them by name.

“Now, Amazon! now, Chase! now Walmart and Delta!
On, Chevron! on, GM! on, Apple and Disney!
At the top of the list, big subsidies all!
With all these tax breaks you’re making a haul!

So up to the Capital the wealthy they flew
With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in full merry view.
The rest of us struggle to make our ends meet
But we’re standing strong, we won’t have defeat.

We’re fighting and marching and calling by name
The Senators and others who should feel such shame.
The Trump tax isn’t helping the ones that it should,
So we’re making sure that our voices are loud.

You’ll hear us all cheer as we stand up and fight:
Tax the Rich, Tax the Rich,
You know that’s what’s right!

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