Iowa Republicans Propose White Washing Diversity Education

Legislation proposed by Republicans in the Iowa House of Representatives would define what diversity training programs are allowed to teach in schools, about racism and sexism, banning discussion of any so-called “divisive” topics. The bill, House Study Bill 258, has no language preventing discussion about ideas or questions that come up during diversity training, but […]

Attacks against Iowa unemployment benefits push ahead

Despite almost 50,000 continuing unemployment claims in Iowa, legislation to alter and reduce unemployment insurance pushes forward, with those thousands of Iowans set to suffer as a result. SSB 1172 requires a one-week waiting period before someone who is unemployed can receive benefits, it lowers the amount paid to people with multiple dependents and it […]

Republicans Want To Slash Support During A Pandemic

Legislation that would slash support for workers who need it most is moving forward with Republican support at the state capitol, all while a pandemic that drove people from the workplace, transitioned many into working from home and cost many others their jobs is still raging. At the subcommittee meeting where the legislation was discussed, […]

New law would replace citizen juries with politicians

Legislation introduced this week would increase but limit the amount of money awarded in a trial against a health care provider, doing away with a jury’s input. Currently, the amount recoverable in medical malpractice suits for noneconomic damages like pain, disability, disfigurement and trauma is capped at $250,000 unless a jury decides more is warranted. […]

Crusade Against Transgender Iowans Targets Classrooms

In a continued crusade against the rights of transgender Iowans, a bill to discourage education about gender identity was heard in an education subcommittee yesterday. Senate File 167 states that curriculum for kindergarteners can’t include any instruction relating to gender identity. For grades one through six, parents or guardians have to give their written consent […]

Republicans Want Restroom Referees for Iowa Students

Iowa Republicans moved ahead with the first of many bills banning trans and nonbinary Iowans from the restroom that matches their gender identity in an education subcommittee yesterday.  Senate File 224 prohibits people from entering “single and multiple occupancy toilet facilities in elementary and secondary schools that do not correspond with the person’s biological gender,” […]

Abortion Ban Moves Forward In Iowa Senate

On a party line vote yesterday, the Senate State Government Committee approved an amendment to Iowa’s constitution that would ban abortion. The amendment was approved along party lines with a 10-5 vote. Earlier this year, it passed out of subcommittee along party lines, too. “The Iowa Constitution has been updated a number of times in […]